Who I am.

Welcome šŸ™‚

I’m Celeste – counsellor, coach, dancer, creator, educator, advocate, and an all around cool, queer 30-someting hoping to make the world a bit brighter. To fuck with the patriarchy and burn down oppressive structures. Currently calling the prairies my home, I am here to heal both myself and my community. I am here to build a fire-y community of beautiful wild and wavy weirdos.

My lifeĀ and work are heart centered and based on relationship building first. Coming from a trauma-informed, intersectional feminist, decolonized approach, I aim to always meet people where they are at. I am body-positive, sex positive, and a relationship anarchist. I work with a variety of tools, including dance and movement, crystals and tarot, writing, art, nature and humour.

I also create workshops and presentations in a number of areas, including: Peer Support, Patriarchy and Consent, Sexual Health, Harm Reduction Approaches to Substance Use, Dance Therapy and Holistic Wellness.

I have a website, if that interests you:Ā https://celesteseiferling.com

And if you’re here to read and, perhaps, see your own wild and weird self reflected, I hope to assist you in some way.

I am always happy to chat and get to know beautiful souls. So please, reach out if you feelĀ so inclined.

I am happy that you’re here.

xo – c


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